Kaole Ruins in Bagamoyo, Tanzania.

Kaole Ruins in Bagamoyo, Tanzania.

Bagamoyo is a historical site worth a visit. One of the important places to visit are the ruins in Kaole. Kaole is a small town and archaeological site located three miles east of Bagamoyo. The area contains old stone ruins dating to a period between the 13th century and the 16th century.

Kaole, early known as Pumbuji, was the first settlement of the Arabs from Persia in the 13th Century (1270). The place was excavated in 1958 by Mr. Neville Chittick, a man from England with Mr. Samahani M. Kejeri, now a Professor. The ruins indicate early contact that Bagamoyo had with Islamic world.

The ruins consist of two mosques and around 22 tombs. The tombs at Kaole were built from coral stones with stone pillars that marked some of the tombs. According to local Legend, some of the tombs are the graves of local rulers. One of the graves is believed to be the descendants of Sheikh Ali Jumaan, arguably the most well known Sheikh along the coast. Another tomb is for a girl called Shariffa who had a “Karma Power” and was knowledgeable and of course there's a lover's tomb who were buried together.

Among the graves are several Shirazi pillar-style tombs reminiscent of those at Tongoni, but in somewhat better condition, and a small museum housing Chinese pottery fragments and other remnants, and just east of the ruins, past a dense stand of mangroves, is the old harbor, now silted, that was in use during Kaole’s heyday, The town has one of the most wonderful white sand beaches in Tanzania.

In Kaole you will also find fish hawkers and people constructing dhows along the beach. It is only 5 km from Bagamoyo Town along the Mbegani Road. While in Kaole you will get to experience coastal foods and seafood from the people around the beach. You will be sure to tell stories about how great and rich the culture is around this part of the world.

While we have you here, This story would not be complete if we did not talk about the SnakePark at Kaole. The Park has been established to serve both educational and tourism purposes to locals and International communities. The Park lets you see and interact with World’s most dangerous snakes from Black and Green Mamba, Spitting Cobra, Rock Python, Gaboon Viper and many more.

Interesting Facts about Gaboon Vipers, they are passive hunters they have a short tail and broad head that mimics a fallen leaf down to the midrib. This striking pattern is a great camouflage in the snake's natural habitat helping it blend in with the fallen leaves on the forest floor. When fully grown, they can reach up to 6 feet in length. and most importantly, they have the longest fangs of any venomous snake. The Park also boasts as a home to a number of attractive East African birds, reptiles and amphibians.

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