Why a lot of people are Visiting Selous Game Reserve and why you should care.🏞️📍

Why a lot of people are Visiting Selous Game Reserve and why you should care.🏞️📍

The Selous Game Reserve😊,Yes now renamed Nyerere National Park, is a protected area in southern Tanzania. It covers a total area of 50,000 km2 (19,000 m2) and has additional buffer zones.

It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982 due to its wildlife diversity and undisturbed nature. Some of the diverse wildlife of the miombo include the African bush elephant, south-central black rhinoceros, hippopotamus, lion, African wild dog, African buffalo, Masai giraffe, Plains zebra and Nile crocodile.

One of the best sights within this game reserve is the Rufiji River, a gigantic river with a high density of crocodiles and hippos. Together with the Great Ruaha River, it creates a river delta, making for formidable game viewing and some of the most exciting boat safaris in East Africa.

It is also one of the few places in Africa where the endangered black rhino can be found. Bird enthusiasts will also cherish this place, as 440 different species of bird populate this area. These can be observed nicely when you are on a boat safari.

📍How to get to Selous Game Reserve

▪️There are several options for reaching this remote bit of wilderness. The most convenient option is by plane from Dar es Salaam, or the next big national park, Ruaha.

▪️Dar es Salaam to Selous is about 45 minutes by small plane, while from Ruaha it would take around 90 minutes.

▪️By car, this journey takes considerably longer but offers great views. From Dar es Salaam it is a 4-6 hour drive, and you pass by the equally stunning Mikumi National Park, getting two adventures for one.

📅When to visit Selous Game Reserves

Like most national parks in Tanzania, the dry season from June to October is perfect for game viewing, as the vegetation is more sparse, making it easier to spot animals.

March to May and late October to mid-December is the rainy season, which makes many of the roads impassable and animals harder to spot.For bird enthusiasts, we also recommend the shorter dry season from mid-December to March, as many migratory birds then settle in Selous. If the scarce wild dog is what you are after, June to August is perfect, as this is their denning season.

🧗Things to do in the Selous Game Reserve(Nyerere National Park).

There are a number of ways to explore the park, including game drives, river rafting safaris, boat cruises, fishing and walking safaris.Bird enthusiasts can watch the 440 species from a boat, also taking in views of hippo pods and crocodiles, waiting for prey.

🏕️Accomodations on Selous Game Reserve(Nyerere National Park)

Selous has a variety of lodges dotted around the park, many of them sustainable eco-hotels.The park’s vastness creates that miles-from-anywhere experience, and you'll feel like you're truly in the middle of the African bush. Usually, there are no more than 300 visitors sleeping in the 50,000 square-kilometer park at any one time.

🔅What animals can I see at Selous Game Reserve?

You can see all kinds of animals at Selous Game Reserve. It has some of the highest animal numbers on earth, and they are well spread out over this immense landscape. Selous’s characteristic miombo woodland is more concealing than the open plains of the Serengeti. Even so, you are likely to check off most of the animals on your list plus some that are special to this reserves.

🔅What activities are there in Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve has the biggest range of activities of all Tanzania’s parks. If traditional safaris aren't your thing, there's always scenic and cultural tours that you can enjoy during your stay.

⛰️Game drives

Head out with an experienced guide who knows the landscape and animals. Predators and prey escape the midday heat to hide under the shady trees, so you can take a drive before 11 am or after 3 pm for the best sightings.

⛵ Trips

A unique option for a safari, river cruises on the Rufiji River is a chance to get close to the many hippos and crocodiles on these waterways. Choices range from sunset cruises to half-day trips.

🧗Walking Safaris

You will never feel closer to nature than on a guided foot safari. Appreciate the little things and learn about tracks and signs

🏕️Fly Camping Tours

A number of camps offer adventurous visitors the experience of sleeping beneath basic tents in the wilderness. An armed ranger and guide will keep you safe as you listen to lions roar and swap stories around a blazing fire.

🏞️Cultural Tour

Take a guided tour to the nearby Mwaseni Village. Always ask permission and be sensitive about photographing people.

🏕️Hot Air Ballooning

Get an early start and watch the sunrise as you float above the plains. Most balloon safaris include a champagne breakfast

So, why not figure out what to pack for a Tanzanian safari and come down to Southern Tanzania today?😊🤩 Selous Game Reserve is waiting for you.

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